Business Enabling Services

Greatness is achieved by doing something that you do best. Mediocrity happens when you try to be great at everything.


Business Enabling Services allow the client company to focus on their core competence specific to their business and yet have access to expert and professional products and services made available through resource sharing and simplified arrangements. Cost-efficient, more effective and more professional.

Business Financing

Growing a business, or even starting one, is always tantamount to needing money. CBRIC works with investors under funding arrangements that protect the investors’ interests while providing essentially unlimited funding to businesses without going after ownership. Protecting the investors’ interests make it more attractive to investors to participate. Unlimited funding to businesses while protecting their ownership should bid good participation from businesses. Click here to send us an email about what you need.

Shared Research

Shared Research simply means 2 or more companies sharing the cost of doing the research thus ending in lower cost for a professional outcome. Think about it, why would companies with different products going after the same market in the same industry have to do market research separately while they can share the cost? The outcome is the same anyway – research is just about digging for facts. And facts are the same for everyone. The difference lies in the analysis and the strategies that are formed around the analysis. These they can do separately if they choose. But really, even the marketing and distribution strategies for companies can be aligned. Shared distribution has existed for the longest time – we see huge distribution companies around. The strategy sometimes is all about how to get on board the right distributors. The Shared Research service is made available with the intent of being a basis for the participating companies to build on a Business Plan. Contact us about your products and services so we can see what we can do together.

Shared Opportunities

Marketing and selling your products and services need not be a lonely and dreadful job. Let the experts (and those who enjoy it) do it for you or with you. With today’s available working arrangements in CBRIC, you can immediately benefit from the distribution networks, built relationships and credibility between marketing, sales, distribution and retailing practitioners. For the small company, it makes a lot of sense to access Shared Opportunities because it allows you to have immediate presence to more networks than you can afford to do so on your own. The chances for success increases while focusing your costs mainly on the companies’ core competency. In accounting terms, lower your overhead cost by having the opportunity to shift it from being a Fixed Cost to become a Variable Cost. Contact us about your products and services so we can see what we can do together.

Shared Brand Building

There is no magic to brand building. Anyone can do it. Its just that the cost is very difficult to connect to the value of its outcome so it is very difficult to make a decision on who would do your brand building and at what cost. The normal route is to see past accomplishments of marketing companies and see whether you can afford their services or not. If that does not work for you, you may be the kind who would try and do it yourself. No problem with that except that with today’s fast paced technology changes, your product may become obsolete by the time you gain enough market presence. Obsolete can simply mean somebody else made a better version of what you have. Worst is that if they simply built theirs on top of your original design. Fortunately, you now have the opportunity to do Shared Brand Building is all about using each other’s networks, resources and credibility and have our brands rise up together with clear, specific and thus powerful meanings to the market. Contact us about your brands, products and services so we can see what we can do together.