We are the Canadian Business Research and Innovation Centre, also known as CBRIC. We are a band of consultants and freelancers who organized ourselves as a nonprofit to take on the challenge of defining and being the first to benefit from the next most optimal evolution of the corporate structure and employment arrangements. Our methodology is to determine, test, implement and perfect these new structures through our very own proprietary system of Intelligence Collaboration.


The objective of all of our efforts is to increase business, investments and employment in the community. In CBRIC, we believe that the next form of the corporation will be largely influenced by and actually benefit from being a community based business structure.

By definition, CBRIC is a non-profit group that investigates disruptive trends in industries, collaborates with small and medium sized corporations to activate a joint solution for all stakeholders and help everyone navigate its implementation. CBRIC serves Canadian Businesses that are from start-ups, to small corporations of $1M to $25M business a year, and medium sized corporations that have revenues up to $250M annually.


All work done by CBRIC is project-based. CBRIC also monitors government incentive programs (grants, loans and refunds) and provide services to businesses in pursuing these direct funding opportunities.