Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

CBRIC will be going around Canada, the United States and the international market to promote and sell products from businesses located in Brantford and the counties of Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk. Other companies outside of this area are also welcome to contact CBRIC and see what we can do together. Establishing priority will consider what products and services are found to be most likely to succeed and are reviewed monthly.


This effort is also a product of the Intelligence Collaboration Model applied to a Business Community. The principle is that by increasing the business for local companies, employment will also increase, strengthen the local community and come full circle by producing more and stronger entrepreneurs and even investors.


CBRIC understands that getting more business may mean needing more money to provide the additional capacity and inventory. As such, CBRIC provides Business Financing. The big advantage of CBRIC Business Financing is that you will have the opportunity to be funded without having the fear of losing control or ownership of your business. You also get to protect your trade secrets. See Business Financing under Business Enabling Services.


Reducing expenses comes from the idea of diverting Fixed Costs into Variable Costs. This can be done by taking advantage of the Business Enabling Services available for participants in CBRIC.