Entrepreneurs, Startups, Solopreneurs and Emplotreneurs

We know how hard it is to get things started, earn credibility, get financed, get your first customers and eventually make a profit. If you are our kind of entrepreneur, you believe that your products and services are superior and much more special versus that of large corporations. You just need that extra mile to have make your company successful.


CBRIC is a firm believer of the power of dedication and determination – traits that you can only find in true entrepreneurs. CBRIC celebrates this entrepreneurial spirit by providing services that allow the entrepreneur to work and accomplish professionally like a large corporation.


Through innovative and simplified business arrangements, entrepreneurs can get the funding support they need for their businesses and afford to work with seasoned and innovative business professionals. CBRIC makes this possible by the Intelligence Collaboration model wherein businesses work as a community to push each other’s businesses to success. Interests of all parties are considered and protected. Arrangements ensure that all are justifiably compensated for all the value that they bring into the success of each entrepreneur’s business.


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