Emplotreneurship is inevitable.

There is nothing wrong about being an employee and retiring as one. Working for a company, large or small, may be very fulfilling and a good source of livelihood for the family. However, corporations and industries are changing their employment strategies and the changes are not necessarily for the benefit of the employees.


In order to stay competitive, companies have to dramatically increase their ability to innovate. The new economy is based on competition. Company size becomes a liability when competition has speed and innovation. Now, more than ever, companies need to have their employees fully engaged in all aspects of their operation. Everyone must have the ability, responsibility and interest to anticipate, respond and adapt to opportunities and threats. In other words, all people in the corporation must think, act and speak like an entrepreneur.


An Emplotreneur, as the name implies, is all about being an employee and an entrepreneur at the same time.


Emplotreneurship considers all the advantages of being an employee versus an entrepreneur. Being an employee, you do not need to worry about building a business from the ground up. An employee does not need an investment in the company but just on himself for training and employment requirements.


As an employee, you get to focus on what your profession really is. For example, if you are an engineer, other people in the company take care of accounting, marketing, sales, purchasing, HR, and administration. You need only to focus on your part of the job which is to be a good engineer in your department. Emplotreneurship has that – among others.


Emplotreneurship also considers the benefits of being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you are free to make decisions about how you find it best to accomplish your job. You own your job so nobody can fire you. Your earnings are capped only by your own capacity and capabilities. Not by your boss or the company – in fact, in emplotreneurship, you don’t have a boss. You can sell your “job” to someone else in the future and you can also bequeath it to a loved one if you so decide to.