In 2013, 1,444 new businesses were registered in the Grand Erie (Brant and Haldimand-Norfolk) Area, adding up to a new total of 15,626 businesses. Of this total:


Only 141 are businesses that have 100 employees and above (Large Corporations and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME’s))

12,521 have 1 to 99 employees (Entrepreneurs and SME’s)

8,344 have no employees (Self-employed, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Family Businesses)

CBRIC’s intention is to increase business activities, increase the chances of success for start-ups, address unemployment issues and create a healthy business-investment atmosphere.


CBRIC will do this by focusing on providing Business Enabling Services to entrepreneurs, family businesses, SME’s, self-employed and freelancers and on creating a Spirit of Continuous Innovation with the general population (employees and employers).


In general, Business Enabling Services allow the client company to focus on their core competence specific to their business and yet have access to expert and professional products and services made available through sharing and simplified arrangements.