Employees, Applicants and Employers

We know how difficult it is to find the right job. Perhaps you’ve heard the adage finding the right job is a career by itself. Consistently adjusting your resume to match the job posting is a tedious task that may help but you also know that a thousand other applicants vying for the same position know the same tactic to get noticed for an interview. It also doesn’t work that well for the employer who need to sift through all those applications to find you. CBRIC finds this practice to be very inefficient and sometimes ineffective. According to studies, companies in North America loses an average of 50% to 150% the amount of the annual salary to hire and fire a bad hire. We believe there is a better way.



NETWORK REFERRAL PROGRAM: This is our solution. One good way of getting hired by having a very strong referral. Let’s face it, being hired is largely about the credibility you build during the hiring process. To be referred means you get instant credibility by riding on the credibility of the person or company providing the referral for you. Consultants are in a very good position to give referrals. Consultants would normally have access to decision makers and most likely would be knowledgeable about the project or expansion that requires the new employee.


EMPLOYABILITY SCORE: Within the Network Referral Program, there is also the system for the Employability Score. It works like a credit score but not exactly. It is similar to the credit score, a high employability score can mean a lot of knowledge, skills and experience. But with the credit score, a low score means undesirability for credit while a low Employability Score can actually mean “only skills that are needed”. For example, a Bookkeeper will have a lower score to being an Accountant but why would you need to hire an Accountant if the job to be done is Bookkeeping. The extra analytic skills and ability to establish the Chart of Accounts are not needed if the job is meant only for a bookkeeper. The Employability Score is an intricate system that is designed to quickly and effectively match the right applicant for the right job – reducing a lot of subjectivity in the hiring process and injecting a systematic way that ensures objectivity. See how it works. (Click to learn more) It does provide an instant way for the employer sift through the resumes submitted to them.



What you need to do is get into our system so you can be in our pool of possible referrals. The pool is promoted and is made accessible to consultants and freelancers so they can recommend you to their clients and help them accomplish their projects. It is also promoted and made accessible to businesses so they can simplify and improve the efficiency of their hiring process. To get started, click here and email us a copy of your resume.