Intelligence Collaboration Model

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Intelligence also means a collection of useful information. The Intelligence Collaboration model is designed to achieve a synergy of intelligences between different business leaders, consultants, freelancers, and investors and achieve unprecedented innovation and growth for their aligned but individual endeavours.

1 - Consultants and CBRIC

Consultants will have more time consulting and require less time trying to market and sell their expertise. Consultants and freelancers are key to the Intelligence Collaboration Model. By creating a collaborative system and network between consultants and their client companies, all will benefit from shared knowledge, innovations, credibility, and even shared markets and economies of scale.

2 - Entrepreneurs and CBRIC

Fund your dream product/service and successfully bring it to market with good company. A major complication for entrepreneurs and start-ups is the need to learn and manage things outside of ones’ core expertise. Working with CBRIC, entrepreneurs can have instant support and financing same as in major corporations and without going through the painful and expensive learning and growth process of commercialization. Simply put, it means more business and less hassle.

3 - Investors and CBRIC

Invest on projects that really matter and turnover your money faster while reducing the risk of losing your investment. Investors expect entrepreneurs to be great managers. Entrepreneurs expect investors to instantly see the value of their products. There lies the total disconnect which means possible loss of opportunities and better deal flow.

4 - Businesses and CBRIC

Businesses can achieve unprecedented growth while essentially reducing expenses and with minimal or no additional capital requirements. A lot of businesses are limited by their cash flow and/or available expertise to exponentially expand their businesses. Through CBRIC’s innovations on deal processes and management, these become less of an issue.

5 - Consultants and Employees

Employees can be referred and recommended by Consultants, Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Investors – the Business Community. Consultants essentially are on top of growth and process improvements. If Consultants have access to a pool of possible employees, they can pick and recommend people for their client companies to hire. CBRIC provides a system for a fair assessment of possible applicants which makes it easy and fair for the consultants to review and recommend them.

6 - Employees and CBRIC

CBRIC will be implementing and popularizing a system that essentially makes the employer call on the employee for a job position rather than the other way around. CBRIC will provide a system for employers that makes it easier and more effective to scout possible employees to recruit. Instead of consistently adjusting resumes’ with key words so that the computer of the hiring manager will pick it up for a possible interview (which just requires more creativity and work to the applicant but not necessarily effective for the employer), CBRIC provides a more justified way of doing it. CBRIC is providing a system to assess and maintain an employability factor of a professional in the industry that works similar to a credit score – the CBRIC system provides an Employability Score. It also works for labor jobs. However, labor jobs will be under a special project about putting together a Labor Cooperative (not a Labor Union) wherein the major objective is about finding and keeping everyone at work and also provide group benefits unlike a being in a Temp Job or Contract Job. Since the employability score just stays in the system, the applicant does not have to put it out there that he is looking for another job – which may be a good thing depending on how critical their employers are.

7 - Consultants and Businesses

Business more than usual between the Consultants and Businesses. Since consultants will be backed up by the CBRIC system, intelligence network, and shared resources, consultants can help businesses in leaps and bounds versus what they can accomplish being a single entity.